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Educational Studies Journal Now Ranks in Scopus Q1

Educational Studies Journal Now Ranks in Scopus Q1

Educational Studies, a quarterly international peer-reviewed journal by HSE University, has made it into Scopus Quartile One.

The latest release of the Scimago quartiles dated May 17, 2021 (SJR 2020, Scopus quartiles) lists HSE’s Educational Studies journal in Quartile One (Q1) of Scopus.

This achievement notches another important milestone in building up HSE and IOE’s academic reputation and network while also heralding the first time ever for a Russian journal in education to advance into Scopus Q1. There are a total of 34 Russian journals currently listed in Scopus Q1.

Educational Studies also ranks sixth by the SJR indicator (a metric used in quartile assignment) among a total of over 500 Russian journals and leads the SJR ranking among the Russian journals in education. In addition, Educational Studies has now become the second academic publication by HSE to place in the top tier of Scopus after Foresight.

Dashing two bands up in the Scopus ranking from Q3 to Q1 in just two years is good evidence of the high regard that the academic community has accorded to the journal recognizing its unwavering commitment to the utmost standards of integrity and quality of publications. 

With its inception tracing back to 2004, the Educational Studies journal is a vibrant international venue to share high-impact research outputs and expert commentary across a gamut of strands in educational scholarship and allied fields. The Academic Board of the journal is an outstanding cohort of experts of international renown who have diverse backgrounds and are into various strands of social research. The Editor-in-Chief of the journal is HSE Rector, Yaroslav Kuzminov.

Back in 2004, at the very outset of this publication, I think few believed it would become the leading Russian journal in education and receive the esteem and commendation just this high on a global scale. In my view, the secret of success is pretty simple. We have always gone the extra mile ensuring the journal embraces the highest standards in every aspect of the manuscript selection and editorial procedure. At all times, we have striven not to just publish ‘good’ research that is up to par with the formal requirements, but to foreground R&D outputs and critique that resonate widely across the academic community and count at scale. 

Isak Froumin
Head of the HSE University Institute of Education, Deputy Editor-in-Chief of Educational Studies