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"Global dialogue": IOE’s researches shared their expertise in Chinese Universities

In March 2024, researches of the Institute of Education visited leading universities in Beijing, China, to strengthen established ties and deepen research cooperation. As part of their visit, scholars shared their research results and gave guest lectures.

"Global dialogue": IOE’s researches shared their expertise in Chinese Universities

The tour started at the Beijing Normal University, where Sergey Kosaretskiy, the Director of the Pinsky Centre of General and Extracurricular Education, presented the current situation and trends in the field of equity of educational opportunities and academic failure in general education in Russia based on international comparatives studies, statistical data, and original studies of 10E HSE. He showed how the state educational policy reacted to the problem and what goals it set for the future. He also gave an overview of the state of Russian research and offer a vision of the prospects for academic cooperation on these issues.

Vera Maltseva, Director of the Centre for Vocational Education and Skills Development, presented the trends in TVET sector that has been changing dramatically since 2010-s. The lecture covered the transformation of the TVET sector in Russia in terms of both institutional landscape and individual trajectories. A special focus was made on the educational and career trajectories of graduates in terms of the labour market success and social mobility. Using data from the Russian national cohort longitudinal study, it was investigated how starting conditions (socioeconomic status and aspirations, academic abilities and personal characteristics) shape students' paths through postsecondary education and the world of work; also Vera investigated how these paths shape patterns of social mobility and which educational or career pathways contribute to the upward and downward mobility patterns.

Meanwhile, Svetlana Zhuchkova, the Deputy Director at the IOE, gave a lecture at the Tsinghua University on the PhD landscape in Russia and beyond. Drawing on recent studies, she examined the experiences and challenges faced by doctoral students within the Russian educational system. By analyzing unique empirical data, this presentation shed light on the evolving landscape of doctoral education, identifying areas of improvement and exploration within the context of Russian doctoral programmes.