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Partner Experts

At IOE, we are committed to building sustainable and far-reaching partnerships with the world’s leading authorities on education. This enables us to keep in sync with the latest and most relevant scholarly perspectives from across the globe, while also providing the capacity for spearheading high-stake international R&D projects to benefit multiple stakeholders throughout socio-economic domains. IOE’s cooperation network involves a top-tier cohort of distinguished academic affiliates with expertise spanning areas and frameworks central to the modern-day global agenda in educational R&D.

 Dr. Jan De Groof

Professor, College of Europe (Belgium) 

Dr. Мartin Carnoy

Professor, Stanford University (USA)

Dr. Prashant Loyalka 

Assistant Professor, Stanford University (USA)

Dr. Ben Eklof   

Professor, Indiana University (USA)

Dr. Tommaso Agasisti 

Associate Professor, School of Management, Politecnico di Milano (Italy)

Dr. Alma Harris 

Professor, Department of Education, University of Bath (UK)

Dr. Simon Marginson 

Professor, Centre for Global Higher Education, University of Oxford (UK)

Dr. Carol Myford 

Professor, College of Education, University of Illinois at Chicago (USA)

Dr. Jarkko Hautamäki 

Professor, University of Helsinki (Finland)

Dr. Olga Zlatkin-Troitschanskaia

Professor, Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz (Germany)

Dr. Eric M. Anderman 

Professor, Ohio State University (USA)

Dr. Andreas Demetriou 

Professor and President, University of Nicosia Research Foundation (Cyprus), former Minister of Education and Culture of Cyprus

Dr. Nikolai Veresov 

Associate Professor, Monash University (Australia)





Dr. Alma Harris


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