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IOE Further Develops Academic Exchange with Politecnico di Milano

IOE Further Develops Academic Exchange with Politecnico di Milano

As part of an exchange program it has been running with Politecnico di Milano, IOE will be welcoming a group of Italian students in Management Dell’Università MA in the coming fall of 2019 who will be taking an intensive two-day sojourn in Moscow beginning October 23. In turn, Russian students in IOE’s University Management MA will be traveling to Italy later this November to complete a series of program modules at Politecnico di Milano.       

Launched earlier this year, the exchange program offers students in higher education administration at both universities a focused fast-track curriculum that combines intensive individual coursework with multiple hands-on exposures through such formats as Q&A sessions with university leaders, expert seminars, case studies, networking with peers from various countries to build new research collaborations, etc.

Alternating studies at their home university with doing certain program modules abroad enables students to leverage their understanding of best practices in higher education administration by gaining insights into cross-country experience while learning from renowned European and global authorities in the field.       

Featuring an invigorating practice-centric curriculum that is designed under international academic standards, IOE’s University Management MA program aims to prepare highly qualified education professionals who possess the right knowledge and vision to excel in leading higher education institutions, public organizations, innovative projects in education, etc.