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IOE’s New Lab for Evidence-based Assessments of Educational Innovation to Help Better Inform Sector Policy and Practice

IOE’s New Lab for Evidence-based Assessments of Educational Innovation to Help Better Inform Sector Policy and Practice

We are happy to announce a call for multiple positions of Research Assistant / Research Associate to join the International Laboratory for the Evidence-Based Assessment of Educational Practices and Innovations, a new R&D division that has recently come on stream at the HSE Institute of Education Moscow.

Master’s and doctoral students of all relevant backgrounds, including social sciences, education, economics, teaching, etc., are encouraged to apply.

We are looking to get on board a cohort of international academics with a keen interest in quantitative research in education, who:

  • Boast a strong analytical acumen
  • Have a sound proficiency in data tools such as STATA and R
  • Are fluent in English
  • Have at least the basic knowledge of experimental and quasi-experimental methodology.

With distinguished Stanford academics at its helm—Dr. Prashant Loyalka as the Head and Dr. Martin Carnoy as the Academic Supervisor—the Lab will harness state-of-the-art experimental methods and evaluation frameworks to develop and share more conclusive, evidence-based judgement about the feasibility and rationale of various initiatives in the domain of social and educational innovation.

The Lab endeavors to pursue a massive and diverse R&D scope that will cover multiple strands in the above dimensions, including through high-impact collaborations with corporate flagships with a strong focus on education, such as Russia’s Sberbank and Yandex.

We expect that by combining modern experimental approaches and cutting-edge quantitative tools, the Lab will be able to push the frontiers of evidence-based research in the socio-educational realm while delivering R&D outcomes that will help much better inform the sector policy and practice about whether particular innovations in education and beyond are feasible and what yields they have been generating.

This opening for a Research Assistant / Research Associate is a premier opportunity to unleash the best of one’s capacity for accelerated development across dimensions of expertise by cooperating with an upper-tier global hub for diversified educational R&D and the QS No.1 academic center in education in Russia.

Successful candidates will take advantage of extensive options to network and build lasting R&D partnerships with IOE’s leading faculty and affiliated experts, teach in IOE’s Master’s programs, and get published in the most reputable global journals on education. The Lab staff may also become eligible for a three-month internship at Stanford University or another top-tier institution with a powerful strand for social and educational R&D.   

Please forward your job applications or any outstanding queries to Anastasia Kapuza at: