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Registration Now Open to RHEC International Russian Higher Education Conference 2020

Registration Now Open to RHEC International Russian Higher Education Conference 2020

We are happy to invite everyone interested in higher education research and development to join us online during October 29 and 30, 2020 for the RHEC International Conference 2020, ‘Higher Education and Pandemic: New Challenges and Sustainable Responses.’

A joint initiative between IOE, the Russian Education Research Association and the IOE SemyonovAward Program, the Conference will be held for the 11th straight year in 2020.

As measures to remedy COVID impacts have prompted global networking to migrate to the digital realm, RHEC 2020 will feature a series of open-call sessions addressing various perspectives in higher education research that will be hosted online on Zoom or Webinar. This means everyone with a keen focus on higher education is able to join us live this year to contribute to the discussion from across the globe.

Higher Education and Pandemiс: New Challenges and Sustainable Responses

This year, RHEC will foreground the topic of ‘Higher Education and Pandemic: New Challenges and Sustainable Responses.’

The global COVID-19 emergency has sparked a socio-economic upheaval unlike any other the world has seen in recent times. Policies to fight off the pandemic have halted many businesses and have led to a mass-shift to remote work. Just like other domains of the economy, higher education had to come to grips with devising strategies so universities could swiftly adapt to the new environment in order to sustain the quality of academic work and operations while complying with the COVID safety policies in place.   

By offering multiple expert forums, the Conference seeks to contribute to inspiring a streamlined and meaningful liaison among all of the stakeholders in higher education – students, faculty and administration, businesses, etc. – so we unlock ways to better tackle the challenges of COVID and come up with feasible solutions for university development going forward.   

The RHEC program will involve the following key strands, among others:

  • Instructional practices and the digital transition: first evidence from experiences during COVID and outlooks
  • How the COVID lockdown and remote learning have influenced students’ academic experiences and other facets of wellbeing
  • Digital learning/networking tools and solutions: pros and cons, best practices, which of them can benefit offline instruction
  • Leading higher education in times of crisis and uncertainty: experiences and best practices
  • COVID and education internationalization: challenges, opportunities, outlooks.  

As every year, the Conference sessions will share expertise and thinking by leading international academics, administrators, and strategists who have various backgrounds and are into different areas of research and practice.

In addition, RHEC 2020 will feature the ‘Innovative Proceedings & Analytics’ (IPA) community symposium, a special session with a keen focus on inspiring and engaging early-career scholars that was first held in 2018. Those willing to participate in the Symposium should submit a free essay in English on a topic relevant to the RHEC program as outlined above. Submissions are welcome until October 18, 2020. 

Learn more about RHEC 2020 and register for free on the Conference Website