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World-renowned Education Experts to Present at HSE April International Conference 2018

A top-tier cohort of academics in multiple areas of education scholarship will gather in Moscow during April 10–13 to present about territorial differences in education at the 2018 HSE April International Conference on Socioeconomic Development.    

The 2018 Conference’s International Symposium on Education will address various contexts, factors and implications of territorial differentiation in learning & development landscapes across the globe. During a series of special sessions and roundtables, the world’s leading experts in education and broader socioeconomic areas will share diverse perspectives on issues that top the present-day agenda in the above research and policy domain.            

On the opening day of April 10, talks will be made by Dr. Martin Carnoy, a Professor at Stanford University, and Dr. Mark Agranovich, a recognized Russian authority on education monitoring and evaluation.   

In his honorary presentation, Dr. Carnoy will discuss regional variations in federal-nation educational policies. Drawing on evidence from Australia, Brazil and the USA, he will analyze the relative effectiveness of local education administrations on a subcountry basis to identify those policy frameworks that have yielded the greatest improvements in school performance. Thus, Dr. Carnoy will show how comparative education studies in federalist contexts can benefit from subnational data analysis to enable more informed strategies that can spark sizeable progress in education on a nation-wide scale.  

In 2017, Dr. Martin Carnoy, who is Academic Supervisor at the IOE International Lab for Education Policy Analysis, was included in the ‘RHSU Edu-Scholar’ ranking of 200 researchers that have been contributing the most to shaping education studies and policy.     

Dr. Mark Agranovich, Head of the Center for Educational Monitoring and Statistics at the Russian Federal Institute for Education Development, will deliver a speech on subnational differentiation in education performance in Russia, Canada, Brazil and the USA, while also spotlighting how the level of educational attainment is related to unemployment rates across Russian regions.       

On April 11, Eric Bettinger of Stanford University and Toby Linden of the World Bank Education will focus on various aspects of education federalism in the USA and India. In his presentation, Prof. Bettinger will consider how U.S. states have pursued different approaches to managing federal funds allocated to support low-income college entrants; a special emphasis will be placed on policy experience in Ohio. Toby Linden will analyze how federal authorities in India have acted to better tackle stark inequalities in student academic achievement across the nation states.       

Full Symposium Agenda: