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‘White Books on Russian Education’ Series Now Out in English

‘White Books on Russian Education’ Series Now Out in English


We are happy to announce an English release of IOE’s White Books analytical series, a research endeavor as comprehensive and in-depth as no other study on the Russian educational system carried out so far.

Originally released in Russian in 2019, the White Books series embraces the ambition to help advance evidence-informed policy and practice so everyone benefits from a more meaningful contribution of education to socioeconomic development.

The series bundles a unique wealth of empirical data and comparative insights—including those into how Russian education has performed against other nations across levels—a joint output by leading expert teams at the HSE University Institute of Education and the Center for Strategic Research (CSR).

The volumes span a gamut as wide as K–11 and extended education, basic and secondary trade education, tertiary education, continuing learning & development, etc., while providing insights into historical facets, recent trends, and outlook.

This academic series sets itself apart as arguably the sole study to share analytical perspectives just as wide and in-depth across the dimensions of Russian education and even beyond.

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