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R&D Centres and Labs

Bringing together accomplished experts and junior academics of various background and research focus, IOE delivers a comprehensive approach that harnesses theoretical perspectives and applied frameworks from across scholarly areas. Every year, IOE's specialized centres and labs run an R&D portfolio of more than 100 projects so that our diverse expertise base would benefit multiple educational realms and stakeholders.

International Laboratory for Education Policy Analysis pursues active cooperation with leading academic institutions and policy agencies worldwide in tracking, adopting, and developing global best practice in higher education.

The Laboratory’s team is involved in a number of flagship cross-border projects related to assessing and upgrading university governance and operations to ensure innovation, robust learning outcomes, and socioeconomic improvements across communities.

Martin Carnoy,
Academic Supervisor, mcarnoy@hse.ru

Institute for Education Development started out in 2001 as HSE’s key academic division delivering research-grounded support to systems transformations in Russian education.

The Institute is engaged in multi-faceted collaborative research aiming to facilitate the design and implementation of innovative legal, organizational, and economic frameworks as backbone factors for steady education development.

Kirill Zinkovsky,
Director, kzinkovsky@hse.ru

Centre for Education Law focuses on legal and legislative aspects of education.

The Centre cooperates with the Russian Education and Science Ministry, federal legislative agencies, and the Russian President’s Office, among others, in working out and implementing comprehensive upgrades to the legislative framework underlying the Russian education system.

Szymon Jankiewicz,

Laboratory for University Development tracks and facilitates implementation of domestic and global best practice in promoting university environments of tangible and far-reaching community significance at local, national, and international levels.

The Laboratory runs extensive international collaboration in delivering top-notch concepts and solutions to build solid agendas for strategic university development. The Laboratory’s team is actively engaged in multi-venue professional networking, including conferences on higher education.

Daria Platonova,
Director, dplatonova@hse.ru

Centre for Higher Education Sociology is focused on analysing organizational and behavioral patterns observed in contemporary university settings.

One of IOE’s most rapidly progressing divisions, the Centre runs a variety of studies to track and interpret developments in choices, attitudes, and experiences of various parties in education, including students at different academic levels, instructors, etc.

Natalia Maloshonok,
Director, nmaloshonok@hse.ru

Centre for Education Innovation explores different dimensions of what instigates and shapes innovative processes across educational domains and how these developments impact various stakeholders.

Uniting both senior academics and bright young scholars, the Centre's research team takes a multi-prism perspective on the drivers and conduits of educational innovations and how the latter can contribute to socioeconomic ecosystems, while closely focusing on such key aspects as innovation feasibility, scalability, sustainability, etc. 

Diana Koroleva,
Director, dkoroleva@hse.ru

Centre for Education Leadership explores the most effective and up-to-date methods of educational management both in Russia and worldwide.

The Centre seeks to facilitate the adoption and further enhancement of best practice in school and university leadership. It designs and delivers world-class Master’s and PhD programmes to prepare top-skill, future-proof learning & development administrators.

Pavel Sergomanov,

Centre for Psychometrics and Measurements in Education is IOE’s principal division for educational monitoring and testing.

Partnering with leading foreign research hubs and acclaimed experts in the field, the Centre pursues a diverse academic and advisory agenda in evaluating the performance of learners and instructors across educational settings and at various levels, including under internationally recognized frameworks such as PISA and iPIPS.

Elena Kardanova,

Centre for Cultural Sociology and Anthropology of Education looks at the role of education in one’s life through the prism of cultural sociology, going beyond political and socioeconomic explanations alone.

Synthesizing fundamental theory and empirical research, the Centre’s studies delve into various ways in which learning choices and experiences shape careers and lifepaths at large. 

Dmitry Kurakin,

Centre for Vocational Education Studies is involved in fundamental research, applied developments, and advisory projects aimed at facilitating innovative upgrades in the Russian vocational training system.

The Centre strives to support timely and ample influx of top-skill, future-proof workforce across industries by tracking labor supply–demand trends, advancing legislation and regulation, updating curricular, and facilitating effective development strategies for institutions of vocational education.

Fedor Dudyrev,
Director, fdudyrev@hse.ru

Centre for General and Extracurricular Education researches into and advises on multiple social and economic aspects of improving general schooling and extracurricular L&D in Russia and beyond.

The Centre’s agenda involves R&D and advisory support aimed at promoting equitable, future-proof L&D environments in secondary schools, facilitating improvements in funding and governance, encouraging fair and transparent assessment of learning outcomes, etc.

Sergey Kosaretsky,

Centre for the Study of 21st Century Curricula and Teaching Practices investigates and facilitates the implementation of modern syllabi and instructional models in various disciplinary areas and at different levels of schooling.

The Centre maintains a diverse portfolio of cross-border comparative studies in the field of secondary general education, fulfills a central role in updating and expanding IOE’s curricula, and also acts as an expert evaluation & advisory hub liaising with various stakeholders across schooling environments on monitoring, designing and deploying the most up-to-date instructional tools and models.

Elena Chernobaj,
Lead Researcher, echernobaj@hse.ru

Centre for Modern Childhood Studies explores current trends, challenges, and priorities in early childhood development and schooling.

The Centre’s research focuses on ways children learn and develop in various social environments, including traditional pre-schooling and schooling settings as well as alternative formats, such as homeschooling, among others. The Centre’s team works to encourage parental literacy and best childrearing practices.

Elizaveta Sivak,
Director, esivak@hse.ru

Laboratory for the Study of Adolescent Deviance aims to analyze the triggers of and the best remedial strategies for various manifestations of adolescent maladjustment.

The Laboratory explores multiple aspects of misaligned psycho-social development in adolescents to propose preventive and remedial strategies for parents and educators at different levels to effectively address each particular scenario of adolescent deviance.

Arthur Rean,
Director, arean@hse.ru

Laboratory for Educational Data Science employs state-of-the-art computational frameworks to gain novelty insights about the factors and processes shaping modern developments in society and education.

Social data science methods harness the potential of ICT and AI as powerful means to obtain evidence that can unlock new and deeper interpretations of what fundamentally determines modern educational settings and their actors.

Ivan Smirnov,
Director, ibsmirnov@hse.ru

in higher education.


The Laboratory’s team is involved in a number of flagship cross-border projects related to assessing and upgrading university governance and operations to ensure innovation, robust learning outcomes, and socioeconomic improvements across communities.

Martin Carnoy, Academic Supervisor, mcarnoy@hse.ru, evsergeeva@hse.ru

Centre for International Competitiveness of Higher Education


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