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Jun 10 – Jun 16
V International Summer School on Higher Education Research

The application closes on March 15, 2017 

Jul 2 – Jul 7
International Summer School 'Inequality of Educational Opportunities'

The deadline for application is April 21, 2017 

Oct 19 – Oct 21
VIII RAHER International Conference on Higher Education Research

The deadline for paper proposals is May 01, 2017 

Instructional Design for Learning Theoretical Foundations

Podolskiy O., Seel N. M., Lehmann T. et al.

Sense Publishers, 2017.

Book chapter
Higher Education Expansion in Brazil, Russia, India, and China

Froumin I., Platonova D.

In bk.: Encyclopedia of International Higher Education Systems and Institutions. Springer Netherlands, 2017. P. 1-7.

Working paper
The Efficiency of Russian Higher Education Institutions and its Determinants

Gromov A.

Education. EDU. Высшая школа экономики, 2017

HSE University’s Institute of Education (IOE) is a leading Russian centre for multidisciplinary educational research, training, advisory, and professional networking.

Established in 2012 from a merger of HSE’s several specialist divisions, IOE has assembled knowledgeable, insightful, and resourceful professionals in various domains of educational studies and related fields, further reinforced by sustained and ever-growing cross-border cooperation.

With these synergies of accomplished faculty, top-skill graduate prospects, and renowned global partners, IOE has evolved into a hub of front-line expertise, innovation, and excellence in education, enjoying strong recognition both nationally and abroad.     

As one of HSE University’s core units, IOE works to underpin HSE’s leading role in driving educational transformations in Russia, and to support its competitive standing on the global arena.

At IOE, we train top-notch academics, administrators, and policy leaders with the skills, attitudes, and values required to shape learning environments that engage, empower, and deliver.

IOE Expert Takes Part in International Education Conference in USA

In early March, Senior Researcher with IOE Centre for Higher Education Sociology, Pavel SOROKIN, took part in Comparative and International Education Society Annual Conference 2017, which was held in Atlanta, the USA.

IOE Experts among Authors of Encyclopedia of International Higher Education Systems and Institutions

An article by IOE Academic Supervisor Isak Froumin and Junior Researcher Daria Platonova has been published in Encyclopedia of International Higher Education Systems and Institutions.

Sberbank and IOE to Cooperate over Landmark 21st Century Skills Project

On February 20–21, IOE hosted a series of kickoff discussions as part of a landmark 21st century skills project between Sberbank and HSE.

Who Has Access to Higher Education in Russia?

Experts of the HSE Institute of Education examined access to higher education in Russia and found that it varies across regions, and the possibility of getting a degree can be quite low in some parts of the country.

IOE Study Featured in International Academic Journal

A recent study by IOE researcher Zumrad Kataeva has been published in the ‘Central Asian Survey’ academic journal.

How Smartphones Help Study

Teachers should be more tolerant of the fact that children check their phones and tablets during classes. Moreover, these devices should be more actively used in the learning process.

How Extracurricular Clubs and School Progress Correlate

Academic progress and the leisure time of schoolchildren are strongly linked. High-achieving schoolchildren usually go to clubs and studios after classes, while lower achievers spend their free time in the street, HSE researchers have discovered.

How to Engage Children in Literature

Attention to detail and deep involvement in a literary text can help children fall in love with Russian literature, according to educator Evgenya Abelyuk's new book.

IOE Researcher Takes Part in Network Science Conference in Israel

On January 15–18, the HSE Institute of Education doctoral student and junior researcher Ivan Smirnov took part in the NetSci-X International Conference on Network Science.

IOE Study Published in Top-Rank International Journal

A recent paper by Denis Zubalov, an Associate Professor with IOE’s Graduate School of Education, has been published in Journal of the Anthropological Society of Oxford.