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IoE researchers at the AERA Annual Meeting in Washington, DC

Two researchers of the Institute of Education have taken part in the AERA Annual Meeting that was held in Washington, DC on April, 7–12. Alina Ivanova, IoE postgraduate student, shares her view on five reasons to attend one of the largest conferences in the field of education research.

Student Engagement and Academic Honesty among Topics Covered in Latest Issue of Leading HSE Journal

The beauty of the modern pool of ideas in the field of education lies in its multiple approaches, as well as diverse and occasionally conflicting opinions. As the leading Russian journal on education, Voprosy obrazovaniya/Educational Studies offers a space for the professional community worldwide to engage in rich discussion.

Participation in SERU International Symposium at Tongji University, China

The Institute of Education has taken part in the organization of SERU symposium, themed “Data-driven improvement of student experience at research universities in Asia”, that was held in Shanghai in January.

IoE postgraduate student participates in Durham University workshop

Manager and postgraduate student of the Institute of Education took part in a workshop, organized by the Center for Evaluation & Monitoring of the University of Durham last December, to study foreign experience in assessment of elementary education quality.

‘Global Competition and Collaboration Strategies of Research Universities in China and Russia’ workshop at University of Hong Kong

HSE researchers have attended a workshop dubbed “Global Competition and collaboration Strategies of Research Universities in China and Russia”, which took place on December 16-17.

IoE researcher at PESA conference in Melbourne

The 45th annual conference of the Philosophy of Education Society of Australasia (PESA) had a chance to listen to a report from Russia. It was made by IoE researcher Petr Safronov.

HSE researchers participate in Association for the Study of Higher Education conference in Denver

The 40th annual conference of the Association for the Study of Higher Education (ASHE) took place on November 5-8 in Denver (Colorado, US).

HSE Researchers at the Annual ASHE Conference in Denver

On 4th - 7th November the annual conference of the Association for the Study of Higher Education, ASHE took place in Denver, Colorado. Incorporated in 1976 ASHE is the oldest professional association in higher education studies and has more than 2,000 members, mostly Americans.

HSE, UrFU symposium takes place at X intl conference “Russian Regions in the Focus of Changes”

The X international conference «Russian regions in the focus of changes», organized by Ural Federal University, featured an international symposium. Dubbed “The Role of Regional Higher Education Systems in Regional Development”, it was conducted last Friday in cooperation with the HSE Institute of Education.

IOE Staff Members at QS Worldwide Conference

Isak Froumin, Academic Supervisor of the Institute of Education presented his keynote address ‘“Accelerated” World-Class Universities: What is Their ‘Secret’ and How It Could Be Measured’ at the event.