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Roadmaps for Tomorrow: How to Improve Social Justice, Equity and Mobility

Roadmaps for Tomorrow: How to Improve Social Justice, Equity and Mobility
Can basic income help even out inequality by empowering the less privileged? How should education be overhauled and what skills will become central to the human capital of tomorrow? Is Life-long Learning in fact set to spark a greater momentum for social mobility? Dr. Isak Froumin, Head of the HSE Institute of Education, and Dr. Philippe Van Parijs, a co-founder of the Basic Income European Network, addressed these and other topics of building a sustainable, better future for everyone during a special session held as part of this year’s ‘OSTROV 10–21’ international foresight forum in Vladivostok, Russia.

2018 RHEC Conference to Host IPA Symposium of Early-career Scholars in Higher Education for the First Time

This year’s International Russian Higher Education Conference (RHEC), which is to get underway at HSE Moscow on October 24, will welcome a brand-new venue to promote early-career research in higher education, Innovative Proceedings & Analytics Symposium.

IOE to Cooperate with GlobalLab

IOE to Cooperate with GlobalLab
This September, a Memorandum of Cooperation was signed between IOE and GlobalLab, a Russian-based venue for schoolers and teachers from across the globe to build L&D networks and collaborate on various educational and research projects online.

Exploring Higher Education Landscapes in Federal Nations

An international research team led by IOE has completed a large-scale study that analyzes how higher education systems have been evolving in federal countries. The resulting volume has recently come off the press at SAGE.

Russian Education Research Association Joins WERA

Russian Education Research Association (RERA) has started its membership in World Education Research Association (WERA). All formalities were completed and a membership decision was made during this year’s WERA Global Congress that was held in Cape Town, South Africa in early August.

HSE Hosts Consortium of Higher Education Researchers Conference for the First Time

145 researchers from 30 countries discussed how higher education systems work on global and national levels, and how they are influenced by the processes of differentiation and integration.

2018 CHER International Higher Education Conference: Firsthand Impressions from IOE Experts

As the 2018 CHER International Higher Education Conference was underway at HSE Moscow during August 30 – September 1, we approached several IOE experts in between the forum sessions to ask about the most interesting topics and areas on the Conference agenda.

What Students’ Membership in Social Media Groups Can Tell about Their Academic Outcomes

A recent study by IOE expert Ivan Smirnov shows that students’ academic achievement can be predicted from their ‘digital traces.’

IOE Hosts Fifth International Summer School on Applied Psychometrics

IOE Hosts Fifth International Summer School on Applied Psychometrics
Early this August, a picturesque historic location of HSE’s ‘Kochubey Mansion’ Training Center in Saint Petersburg, Russia welcomed testing professionals from over a dozen countries for IOE’s Fifth International Summer School ‘Applied Psychometrics in Education and Psychology.’ Instruction in the School was given by world-renowned experts in measurements and test development: Dr. Linda Cook (The National Center for the Improvement of Assessment), Dr. Mary Pitoniak (Educational Testing Service), Dr. Carol Myford (University of Illinois at Chicago), and Dr. Lidia Dobria (Wilbur Wright College & University of Illinois at Chicago).

IOE Now Able to Nominate Projects for Yidan Prize

The HSE Institute of Education has been authorised to nominate projects for the largest annual award in the field of education, the 2019 Yidan Prize. The amount of the prize is nearly four times that of the Nobel Prize, with $3.87 million being awarded in two categories – education research and education development.