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Measuring Educational Innovation across Nations: What Has Changed over the Past Decade

Measuring Educational Innovation across Nations: What Has Changed over the Past Decade
This February, the OECD Headquarters in Paris welcomed a premier cohort of educational experts from the EU, the USA, Australia, Argentina, Chile, Russia, etc. for a global forum to discuss findings from OECD’s large-scale project that analyzes how the landscapes of educational innovations have been evolving across 40 countries during the past 10 years.

In Memoriam: Dmitry Derman

In Memoriam: Dmitry Derman
Expert at the IOE University Development Lab, Dmitry Derman, 30, died tragically in an accident on Saturday, February 2.

Understanding Academic Dishonesty at Russian Universities

One common problem across educational systems worldwide is persistently high rates of cheating, plagiarism and other manifestations of dishonest behavior in the academic realm. A recent study by IOE researchers Natalia Maloshonok and Evgeniia Shmeleva seeks to gain new and more conclusive insights into what essentially propels Russian students to engage in unethical academic practices during their university track.

How Gender Inequality Is Reproduced on Social Media

How Gender Inequality Is Reproduced on Social Media
IOE researchers Elizaveta Sivak and Ivan Smirnov have analyzed over 60 million public posts on VK, the most popular Russian social networking site, to discover that both men and women mention sons more often than daughters. They have also found that posts featuring sons receive 1.5 times more likes. The results have been published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America.

Isak Froumin Becomes Consulting Editor for UNESCO's International Review of Education

Isak Froumin Becomes Consulting Editor for UNESCO's International Review of Education
The head of the HSE Institute of Education, Professor Isak Froumin, has joined the journal International Review of Education as a consulting editor. David Atchoarena, the publication’s editor-in-chief and the director of the UNESCO Institute for Lifelong Learning, recently informed the Institute of Education he was extending this offer.

HSE Establishes Semyonov Award for Early-career International Researchers

Dmitry Semyonov
Semyonov Award is designed as an internship at the HSE Laboratory for University Development and support to early-career scholars for participation in joint research.

Children Perform Better When Parents Are Involved in School Life

A family’s involvement in a child’s education acts as a source of social mobility, according to a study by Mikhail Goshin and Tatyana Mertsalova, experts at the IOE Centre for Socio-economic Aspects of Schooling. Lower income parents who actively participate in their children’s school life open up more opportunities for their children.

Yidan Prize 2018 Awarded in Hong Kong

On December 9–10, Hong Kong hosted the 2018 events of the Yidan Prize, one of the world’s most prestigious awards that recognizes unparalleled contribution to education research and development.

International Experts Discuss Strategies to Lead the Way in Effective Multi-level Governance in Education

In November, IOE welcomed a cohort of top-notch law & policy experts from the U.S., Russia, Poland, Belgium, South Africa and Germany for the first international conference, ‘Multi-level Governance in Education: Top-down Governance, Transfer of Authority, and Regional Cooperation.’ A joint initiative between IOE and the ‘EduLaw’ (Erasmus+ Mundus – Curriculum Development) project, the event featured multi-prism debate about how more justified central–local power schemas in education can be devised as an important condition for shaping more effective, equity-centric L&D environments.

Exploring Ireland’s Best Practices in Digital Schooling

IOE doctoral student Irina Dvoretskaya, who has concentrated most of her research on topics of digital transformation in secondary education, has recently completed her PhD internship with the Centre for Research in IT in Education (CRITE) in Dublin, the Republic of Ireland. During her stay at CRITE, Irina was focused on exploring how Irish schools from various socioeconomic settings put to use the potential of modern ICT to make a difference in school-age learning & development.