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IoE Leading Researcher at the 4th Conference of Higher Education Research Association, University of Hong Kong

The 4th Conference of Higher Education Research Association took place at the  University of Hong Kong at the end of May. Igor Chirikov, Leading Research Fellow at the Institute of Eduaction and Managing Director of the Student Experience in the Research University International Consortium (SERU-I), participated in it with a report, dubbed “The Impact of the Project to Boost Global Competition (5-100) on Structural Transformations in Russian Universities".

New meetings and new plans for international cooperation

Major scientist in the field of Education Law and Policy, Professor Jan De Groof was on a work visit at the HSE Institute of Education to discuss perspectives of creation of the International Center for Education Law and Policy at the Institute.

On Cultural Sociology in Educational Research at Annual Yale Conference

The annual Spring Conference organized by the Sociology Department and the Center for Cultural Sociology at Yale University took place in late April. One of its sections was devoted to a new sub-discipline, cultural sociology of education, emerging with a valuable contribution of the Centre for Cultural Sociology and Anthropology of Education at the HSE Institute of Education.

Children of Richer Parents Do Better at School

Children of Richer Parents Do Better at School
The more books in the family and the richer and more educated the parents, the more likely it is that the children will do well at school.

HSE and Berkeley to Conduct Joint Research

The HSE Institute of Education and the University of California – Berkeley (USA) have signed a memorandum to jointly administer an international Student Experience in the Research University (SERU) Consortium until 2020. The memorandum calls for the two universities to implement a major four-year project on higher education studies involving over 30 universities from various countries.

'The Trip Helped Me Realize That My Projects Are Relevant Outside of Russia As Well'

May 12 is the deadline for this year’s Innovations in Education Competition (KIvO-2016), which has now taken place for three years in a row. The winner of the competition will receive a travel grant to study or try out a project anywhere in the world. The first year’s winner, Diana Kolesnikova, has returned from the U.S., where she studied how educational spaces and various other educational projects for children are set up.

The 'Culture of Civility' (odob) and Its Influence on the Educational System in Uzbekistan

The first session of a workshop dedicated to the topic of “Soviet and Post-soviet education: the research perspectives” took place at the Institute of Education on Wednesday. It was marked by a research presentation “The culture of civility (odob) and its influence on the educational system in Uzbekistan” by anthropologist Jesko Schmoller, PhD.

An Article by Centre of Sociology of Higher Education Researchers Published in Top Academic Journal

Computers in Human Behavior journal (quartile 1 in Psychology category, Scopus), owned by world-leading publishing company Elsevier, features a new article by researchers at the IoE Centre of Sociology of Higher Education.

Low Income of Parents Should Not Stand in the Way of Their Children's Education

Low Income of Parents Should Not Stand in the Way of Their Children's Education
The plenary session of the XVII International Academic Conference ‘From the Broad Educational Opportunities Towards Social Mobility Through Education’, held on April 20, 2016, was dedicated to the ways of overcoming inequality in education.

IoE researchers at the AERA Annual Meeting in Washington, DC

Two researchers of the Institute of Education have taken part in the AERA Annual Meeting that was held in Washington, DC on April, 7–12. Alina Ivanova, IoE postgraduate student, shares her view on five reasons to attend one of the largest conferences in the field of education research.