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Who Has Access to Higher Education in Russia?

Who Has Access to Higher Education in Russia?
Experts of the HSE Institute of Education examined access to higher education in Russia and found that it varies across regions, and the possibility of getting a degree can be quite low in some parts of the country.

IOE Study Featured in International Academic Journal

A recent study by IOE researcher Zumrad Kataeva has been published in the ‘Central Asian Survey’ academic journal.

How Smartphones Help Study

How Smartphones Help Study
Teachers should be more tolerant of the fact that children check their phones and tablets during classes. Moreover, these devices should be more actively used in the learning process.

How Extracurricular Clubs and School Progress Correlate

How Extracurricular Clubs and School Progress Correlate
Academic progress and the leisure time of schoolchildren are strongly linked. High-achieving schoolchildren usually go to clubs and studios after classes, while lower achievers spend their free time in the street, HSE researchers have discovered.

How to Engage Children in Literature

How to Engage Children in Literature
Attention to detail and deep involvement in a literary text can help children fall in love with Russian literature, according to educator Evgenya Abelyuk's new book.

IOE Researcher Takes Part in Network Science Conference in Israel

On January 15–18, the HSE Institute of Education doctoral student and junior researcher Ivan Smirnov took part in the NetSci-X International Conference on Network Science.

IOE Study Published in Top-Rank International Journal

A recent paper by Denis Zubalov, an Associate Professor with IOE’s Graduate School of Education, has been published in Journal of the Anthropological Society of Oxford.

HSE Researchers Benchmark First-grade Performance of Russian and British Schoolers

The HSE Institute of Education researchers have updated the iPIPS school-entry ability evaluation tools to allow for equated benchmarking of primary-schooler progress across countries. The first results have been obtained from a representative sample of Russian and British first-graders.

The University’s Development Is Not an Administrative Process, But a Creative One

Ivan Prostakov at a meeting of HSE’s International Advisory Committee
HSE Vice Rector Ivan Prostakov discusses the results of a recent International Advisory Committee (IAC) meeting, as well as the priorities the university has set for its international activities.

International Experts Meet to Advise on HSE Development

The meeting of International Advisory Committee starts December 6. Three newly appointed members of IAC have shared with HSE News Service their views on the role of external consultants in the development of universities, described their reasons for joining the committee and spoke about HSE’s academic reputation and the challenges the university faces.